Hi everyone!

Time flies so fast and it is the last day of the Vienna study tour. We had a great opportunity to visit Mondi headquarters in the center of Vienna. Mondi is a packaging paper solution company who operate in over 100 countries across the globe. Aline from Marketing Communications welcomed us and gave us an intro to the company’s background. She presented in the ‘Mondi World’, which is a room with interactive tools detailing Mondi’s existence and performance. It’s SO COOL!!!

Afterwards, Michael, Supply Chain Manager, gave us more detail on the business relating to his role and expertise – the supply chain of consumer packaging. The discussion was held in interactive way where he set out the real life challenge at Mondi for our study case. We discussed challenges around customer relationships, decoupling point, S&OP processes and also forecasting. We learnt a lot from this discussion and gave him some advice based on what we have studied in Cranfield ? The two-hour visit ended with a Q&A session with Michael, and a group photo session on the 17th floor of Mondi headquarters.

Hope you enjoy our pictures!

Nuel & Pavaree

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