Dr Catarina Figueira and Professor Joe Nellis

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Catarina was a former Director of the Executive MBA Programme and was previously a Robert Schuman Scholar at the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment Division at the European Parliament. Her research interests lie in the area of financial modelling, particularly related to international financial integration, banking efficiency and regulation and housing markets. Her PhD thesis investigated sectoral interactions and supply-side performance and focused on productivity spillovers and wage setting. Catarina has published in leading international journals and is a frequent contributor to a wide range of international conferences. She has advised the OECD and the European Commission on regulation and a number of financial institutions on the UK housing market. Catarina is editor of the International Journal of Statistics and Economics and the Research Paper Series of Cranfield School of Management. Professor Joe Nellis is Professor of Global Economy specialising in global macroeconomics, business environmental analysis, strategic thinking and management development. He teaches across the full range of the School's portfolio including the Full-time and Executive MBA, General and Customised Management programmes. He is also Director of the Policy, Sustainability & Performance Academic Community within the School. He is the longest serving member of the School of Management's Executive Board. From 1st January 2014 until 31st January 2015 he served as Director of Cranfield School of Management.