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Making your student visa application can be stressful if you are short on time or struggling to understand the rules. One requirement with the most complexity is showing that you have enough money for your time studying in the UK. We have already written previously about how much money you need to show and the different ways you can meet the requirement. If you are showing these funds in a bank account then there are specific aspects of your document from the bank that will be checked to ensure it complies with the guidelines.

The visa rules say only funds that have been held in the account for a consecutive 28-day period are acceptable for the visa application so it is very important that you have the necessary funds in place at least one month before you plan to submit your visa application. Do not let the funds in your account drop at any time from the start of the 28-day period. The UKVI will check your bank statement for the minimum balance in your account for the 28 days preceding the closing balance of the statement.

You must have a recent document from the bank that is dated within 31 days of the day you submit your online visa application. If you are using a bank statement it must have your name and the account number, it must include the name and logo of the bank and show at least 28 days of account balance history. You must submit every page of the bank statement.

If you are using funds in a bank account that belongs to your parent or legal guardian then you will additionally need to submit your birth certificate (or court document confirming guardianship) showing your name and your parents’ name. You must also have a letter from your parent in which they confirm they are your parent and that they consent to you using the funds in their account for your study in the UK. An official household register can be used instead of a birth certificate if these are issued in your country.

Remember that overdrafts, bitcoin savings, stocks and shares and pensions are specified in the rules as not acceptable for your visa application and any bank you use must be regulated in your home country and use electronic record keeping.

A letter from the bank is acceptable instead of a bank statement as long as it specifically states in the letter the amount of money that has been held in the account for a consecutive 28-day period. The letter must be dated within 31 days of the date of your online visa application and again must include your name, the account number and the name and logo of the bank. If your funds are in a fixed deposit account then the letter or certificate of deposit must include the opening date or deposit date that shows the funds were deposited at least 28 days before the date of the document.

Check out our visa application guide which goes through all the rules for your bank statement and all other evidence you may need to submit. It is very important that if you are unsure at all about these requirements please contact us at so we can help you with the best advice.

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