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Homepage / Researching… the freight transport and shipping industry

Researching… the freight transport and shipping industry

If you are researching any aspect of the freight transport and shipping industry, make sure to check out our best library resources to get started with.


FitchConnect includes reports and daily analysis on 200 countries and regions of the world. Use the ‘Service’ option at the top of the screen to view all content on Freight Transport and Shipping.  Industry reports cover road, rail, air and shipping and include a country-specific SWOT analysis and forecasts, along with information on major players.

Use the ‘Data Tool’ from the ‘Data & Forecasting’ tab for downloading industry specific data, such as the volume of freight transportation by air, rail, road, or waterways.

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Previously known as BMI Research. Reports updated quarterly.


UK, US and global reports are available which cover areas of freight road, rail, sea and air transport. Global industry analysis on cargo airlines and container terminal operations is also available. Each report includes an industry overview, industry performance, outlook, competitive landscape, operating conditions, and key players in the market.

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Reports updated every 4-6 months.


Industry reports are available for many countries on various aspects of transportation, including road, rail, marine, and air freight. Reports include market commentaries along with Porter’s Five Forces analyses and profiles of leading companies. Individual profiles are also available for major companies worldwide.

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Reports updated every 12-24 months. Also check-out the latest case studies.


Bloomberg’s Supply Chain Analysis function (SPLC) is designed to provide a “comprehensive supply chain breakdown for a company”, allowing users to analyse revenue exposure for a central company against its suppliers, its customers and its peers.

Default analysis is on sales but other options exist. Click on the orange dropdown menu box to toggle between variables. Relationships can be displayed in chart form (default – see above) or as a table which is easily downloadable.

Another interesting option for researching logistics and freight is the Bloomberg Industries function (BI) which includes individual dashboards for Express & Courier, Marine Shipping, Rail and Trucking.

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Bloomberg is only available in the Bloomberg suite in MIRC. If you don’t yet have a Bloomberg account and you would like to find out more, click here for a quick intro.

If you have any further questions on industry research, contact MIRC or the Kings Norton Library

Public domain image by Pixabay, CC0

Written by: Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tom Jaycocks

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