For those of you interested in private equity, here’s a quick round-up of our most useful resources…

Your first port of call should definitely be Thomson One, but if you’re a Bloomberg user, you might want to have a look there too…

Thomson One:

[Before logging into Thomson One, please ensure your browser is IE and your pop-up blocker is turned off].

Please note that access to Thomson One is currently only accessible from off-campus via the VMWare Horizon Client. Please see our blog post for more details.

To view any PE or VC funding a company may have received in its past, the easiest thing to do is to open that company’s Overview.

Type the company name or ticker into the Thomson One search box and select the relevant option. When the profile loads up with the Public Profile on display, select the Private Profile tab instead.

Within the Private Profile, scroll downwards to view both Investment Rounds and Historical PE Investors. Use the + and – buttons to open and close firm and fund information for each round of investment.

Click through on any firm or fund to view details.

If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in a particular firm or fund, you can easily track them down via the menu options ‘Screening & Analysis’ > ‘Private Equity’ > ‘Find by Name’. Use the drop-down box to select either ‘Firms’ or ‘Fund’, and run a search.

Select a firm to view its profile.

Scroll down to view its investments in depth or by segment…

You can do similar analysis for individual funds.


[Bloomberg is accessible to registered users via the terminals in the School of Management Bloomberg Suite. Contact MIRC for more information].

Bloomberg code <PE> will take you to the Private Equity homepage. From there you can search for a firm or fund in the orange search box.

A firm’s profile includes details of its funds, investors and portfolio. View investments by individual fund towards the bottom of the screen.

From the Portfolio tab, investments are segmented both geographically and by sector.

Any questions at all, on any aspect of PE research, please contact MIRC.

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