We want our students to have a great experience during their time at Cranfield. Each month, the University runs a short “Topic of the month” survey to focus on one service or facility and find out what you think of it.

This month it is our turn! If you are a current student, please take a few minutes to complete the survey and tell us what you think of our library services. You can select the library you use the most – Kings Norton Library, the Management Information and Resource Centre (MIRC) or the Barrington Library. All your comments will be considered carefully to help improve the quality and usefulness of the services we offer.

As a result of the feedback we received last year, we have made a number of changes to make your life easier:

  • logging in to our databases – we introduced OpenAthens, a new single authentication system to largely eliminate the need for multiple usernames and passwords.
  • accessing our resources and services online 24/7 – we developed a new website in partnership with you, bringing together the three Library Service websites to provide a more consistent user experience, and improving its structure and design
  • finding your course reading lists and personalise them – we launched new reading list software to make it easier for you to find the core reading materials your course directors recommend, and for us to keep them up to date.
  • improving the way we answer your enquiries – we introduced a new system to manage your emails and help us respond to you as quickly as possible
  • learning about the ways we can support your research – we have launched a monthly lunchtime webinar series with our research experts, including Information Specialists, our Open Access team and our Research Data Manager
  • keeping you warm in the Kings Norton Library – we have bought blankets which you are welcome to borrow from the first floor, to help you concentrate on studying in the winter

Complete the survey and tell us what you think!

Image from Pixabay

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