We have experienced difficulties accessing Thomson One from off-campus. However we have recently found that we can login easily via the VMWare Horizon Client.

Using the VMWare Horizon Client

If you have not yet used VMWare, you will first need to follow the attached instructions from Cranfield IT to download the VMWare Horizon Client to your device (Please do not use the browser/html version).

Once VMWare is successfully installed, you can login via the icon on your desktop. For access to Thomson One, you can select either the Open Access Pool or the MIRC client. (Other specialist finance resources require you to use the MIRC client).

Login to Windows with your University username and password, just as you would on any University device.

Accessing Thomson One on the remote desktop

The remote desktop will give you on-campus access to our resources. To access Thomson One, you need to open the Internet Explorer browser. (Thomson One will only work with IE). Do this via the Windows Start menu.

Internet Explorer will take you to the University Intranet. Use the dropdown menus to access Services > Library.

Select ‘Services’ > ‘Library’ from the menu

From the Library intranet page, click to open the MIRC webpages.

From the MIRC webpages, as usual, click to open our Online Business Resources and then use one of the Thomson One links from the Finance resources page.

For further information about Thomson One, read our post here – or for information or advice on any of our financial resources – please contact MIRC.

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