We are really sorry to hear that some of our customers have become unable to use the Advanced Search in ABI/Inform. We have contacted the supplier, and they have recommended the following fix.

Firstly, it is worth being aware that the problem only seems to occur in Internet Explorer, so you might just prefer to use a different browser.

However, if you are only able to use Explorer,  you will need to delete your browser history and cache before trying to access ABI/Inform again:

Deleting browser history screenshot

If you are still experiencing a problem with the Advanced Search functionality in IE after clearing your browser please click on https://search.proquest.com/extras/foresee/foresee-trigger.js. This should force the rest of the update implemented to take affect (you should see // DVOPS-9152 if the update has been successfully installed). After doing so, please clear the cache again and retry the Advanced Search option.

Please contact libraryresources@cranfield.ac.uk if you need further help, or if the advice we have been given does not solve the issue.

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