Copyright Licensing Agency data collection: 13 January – 21 February

For a six week period Cranfield University has been selected to participate in a royalty data collection exercise by The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd (CLA).

During the collection we need to record any published (copyrighted) material we photocopy across the University. The data will be used to help make royalty payments to the authors and publishers whose work is being copied. It is not an audit or a policing exercise.

Students are excluded from the collection. Only staff need to take part, and only at photocopiers that are supplied with a yellow bin. (Not all departments have been selected for inclusion in the exercise.)

What do I need to do?

From Monday 13 January until Friday 21st February you will see yellow bins beside some of our photocopiers. Please follow the instructions on the poster next to the yellow bin to help with data collection. It will not be time consuming and will only be necessary if you are copying from a book, journal, magazine or other published item (original, or copy of a copy).

Course packs

Printed course/lecture packs are also included in the exercise. All academic staff/SAS leads who produce course packs should have received a separate email from your Information Specialist about what you should do to help with the data collection.

Further information

If you would like further information about the data collection exercise, please contact the University’s Copyright Officer, Sally Wilkinson.

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