Do you need historical daily and monthly stock (share) prices for US companies and indices?  If so, then look no further than the CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices) database.

We have access to the daily and monthly stock and indices:

  • The CRSP US Stock Database contains end-of-day and month-end prices on all listed NYSE, Amex, and NASDAQ common stocks along with basic market indices.
  • The CRSP Indices Database contains the CRSP Stock File Indices, the CRSP Cap-Based Portfolios, the CRSP Indices for the S&P 500 Universe, the CRSP Treasury and Inflation (CTI) Indices, and the CRSP Select [formerly Andex] series.


CRSP was established as a research tool in 1960 and 55 years on is still considered to be the standard for US historical market data.  Researchers can access over 90 years worth of data and can search for data by individual company names and groups of companies using indices such as the NYSE and S&P.  It is also possible to import your own list of companies using CUSIPs and to run searches for these.

On-campus, CRSP is accessible from PCs in MIRC and the SOM Computer Studio. Please see the MIRC Guide to CRSP for details on searching.

Muscat students will find CRSP in the VMware Horizon service. Please access a Muscat version of the CRSP guide here.

If you have any further questions on CRSP please contact us.

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