Our research data management (RDM) support materials continue to develop, to ensure you follow best practice in storing and sharing your data, and meet your funder requirements.

Firstly, we have rewritten and relaunched the full RDM module on the VLE. It provides everything you need to know to get started with managing your research data – from a general introduction (RDM 1), to explaining how to write a data management plan (RDM 2) and using our data repository, CORD (RDM 3). It parallels the three sessions we run by workshop and webinar (sign up to those via DATES). The new module is great if you’re unable to make the face-to-face training or prefer to do small chunks at your own pace.

Secondly, based on frequent enquiries, we’ve produced flowcharts to help you decide where it is appropriate to store your data, both during and after your project. Take a look at the data storage flowcharts (pdf).

And if you have any questions on managing your data, or want any further help, just get in touch with our Research Data Manager, Georgina Parsons: g.l.parsons@cranfield.ac.uk, researchdata@cranfield.ac.uk.

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