Did you know that we offer one-to-one assistance with preparing data management plans (DMPs) for research funding bids? Over the last six months, we’ve supported 23 bids in getting the DMP just right.

A DMP is required on bid submission by an increasing number of funding bodies, so while it’s one extra document to prepare, we hope it helps to know that support is at hand to ease the pain in the busy bid preparation process.

We have funder DMP templates on the intranet, complete with suggestions for approaching each answer, so you can get started then email us a draft for review. Or, if it is your first DMP, get in touch early to arrange a quick chat or to start drafting the plan together. If time is very tight and you can’t arrange an appointment, you’ll also see links to rubrics by each template, to help you spot any opportunities for improvement in your DMP. These rubrics are being created by DMP support staff in discussion with the funders themselves. If any funders are missing, let us know what additional templates you would like to see!

In all cases just email researchdata@cranfield.ac.uk and our Research Data Manager, Georgina Parsons, will try to help with your DMP asap (but do allow for busy periods/meetings/holidays!).

Forgotten what a DMP is or why it’s useful to write them? Check out our earlier blog post, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”.


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