If you’re looking for industry data, trends in the market, market value, forecasts, or who the key players in a market are, then you might like to look at some of our key market and industry databases.

MarketLine Advantage is just one of many and covers both company and industry profiles. It is useful if you’re looking for key facts, an overview of a company or even a SWOT analysis. The industry profiles on MarketLine include key market data, information on who the key competitors are and a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. IBISWorld is great too if you want reports on industries within the UK, US or globally. FitchConnect’s industry coverage provides overviews, SWOT analyses, forecasts and regulatory information on a global scale for more than 20 sectors. Another useful source to look at is Thomson One which provides brokers’ and analysts’ reports on both companies and industries.

For market research, we would recommend Mintel for B2C markets in the UK and Passport for consumer markets worldwide.

If you’re looking to assess a company’s financial performance, MIRC also provides access to a vast number of financial resources. FAME is particularly useful for financial data on UK and Irish companies (both public and private), while Thomson One provides financials for thousands of listed companies worldwide.

To find out what press coverage there has been about a company or industry, take a look at Factiva which provides access to over 10,000 global press sources.

To find out more about any of the resources above, please get in touch or pop into MIRC and ask one of the team.

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