All the eBooks we access via MyiLibrary will be migrated to a new platform called eBook Central at the end of this month. When this happens, your MyiLibrary account will expire.

If you have written any annotations or notes in eBooks you have read online, they will not be moved across to the new platform. Please follow the instructions explaining how to save MyiLibrary notes before Wednesday 28 March.  Unfortunately, any annotations you have made in downloaded books cannot be saved and will be lost in the migration.

Any bookmarking or highlighting you may have used will also be lost in both titles you have read online or downloaded.

Additionally, MyiLibrary ‘bookshelves’ will not be migrated. If you have personalised MyiLibrary in this way, and would like to recreate your shelves in eBook Central, you will need to print the shelf list before the same date and then copy it manually in the new system.

Please be aware that MyiLibrary is only one of a number of platforms we use to provide access to eBooks. However, if you have personalised any University eBooks by saving your own notes on them, we recommend you check which platform they are on before the deadline. As you can link to the majority of our eBooks directly from Library Search, it would be easy not to recognise that they are currently hosted on MyiLibrary.

Links in Library Search should be updated automatically when the migration is complete.

Please contact if you experience problems accessing our eBooks or if you have any questions about the migration process.


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