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Homepage / MIRC is now open 24/7!

MIRC is now open 24/7!


We are delighted to announce that the Management Information and Resource Centre (MIRC), on the top floor of the School of Management (Building 111) is now open all day, every day. You can stay and study for as long as you need!

All of the original furniture has now been returned to the space, including our comfortable seating areas, and a select reference collection will be returned by the end of April. We are hoping to be able to return some of the PCs later in the year as well, but until then please continue to bring your own devices.

Don’t forget that you can also reserve books to collect from the remote lockers, if it is more convenient to pick them up in MIRC than walk down to the Kings Norton Library.

Access to the Bloomberg Suite has changed and you will now need your swipe card to open the door at all times.

Please note that only School of Management staff and students will be able to access the building at weekends, and from 8pm-7am on weekdays.

Written By: Karyn Meaden-Pratt

Karyn is the Library Communications Manager and University Archivist.

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