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Introducing… Factiva



Do you need access to international press? Take a look at Factiva!

Factiva provides access to over 100,000 full-text international press sources in 25 languages.  Both local and national newspapers are included, along with a large quantity of newswires and trade journals.  These can be searched using Factiva’s powerful search tool and comprehensive indexes.

Searching Factiva

The first search box you see on Factiva is the free text search. You can enter your topic or company name, adjust the date range, and hit search.

Either search option lets you specify a date range – the default is the last three months.

For more specificity, the free text search also allows you to define where you want your search terms to appear:

If you want to perform a more advanced search, the second option – the Search Form – allows you to include or exclude words and to search by phrase. Toggle between Free Text Search and the Search Form by clicking on the links on the left of the search boxes.

To refine your search within the Search Form function, use the limiters shown here on the left.


‘Source’ allows you to refine your search by publication group or a specific title

The other options (author, company, subject, industry and region) allow you to search for and select terms from Factiva’s index lists to add to your search.

This example is of a search for Apple within the companies index.

To add an indexed term to your search, click once on the term. Selected terms will then appear highlighted in yellow.

To remove a term, click once on it and then select the option ‘remove’ (shown in blue).

To exclude a term, use the same step as above but select ‘Not’. This will cut out all items indexed with that term so please use it with care. Your search will be amended and the grey ‘and’ linking that term will change to ‘not’.

To edit the grey and/or buttons, click once on the button to change it. Click again to change it back.

Search Results

Your results will appear in a list like this.

To open any article, click on its title. You can read online or download it.
To download multiple articles at once, use the checkboxes on the left of the title and then select your preferred option from the row at the top.

Downloading from Factiva

Make sure that you always select a download option that includes ‘Article’ format for full-text.

Text download options

Factiva can also be used to search for company information. See our separate post for more information.

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