Whether you are using the Author-Date style of referencing or the numeric style, you will find a variety of different styles within Mendeley and may be confused as to which to install in order to format your references.  If you are writing papers for a particular journal you should use the style for that journal.  If you wish to follow the Cranfield recommendations we would recommend the styles  below.

Cranfield University Author-Date Style

This style has been developed to reflect the advice we provide in the current version of the Author-Date Referencing Guide. The latest guide and style incorporate a change which is worth highlighting:

  • The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which is the unique reference number for each article is displayed at the end of each reference if available.
  • In the in-text citation up to three authors will now appear.  If there are four or more authors the in text citation will show as the first author et al,  e.g. (Pittaway et al., 2004)

The reference will display all the authors:

Pittaway, L., Robertson, M., Munir, K., Denyer, D. and Neely, A. (2004) ‘Networking and innovation: a systematic review of the evidence’, International Journal of Management Reviews, 5–6(3–4), pp. 137–168. doi: 10.1111/j.1460-8545.2004.00101.x.

To Install the “Cranfield University Author-Date style” follow the steps below:

  • To install this citation style in your Mendeley Desktop, click on View on the toolbar, then select Citation Style > More Styles.
  • Click on the Get More Styles tab, and copy and paste the following URL into the Download Style box (make sure there are no spaces before or after the URL as this can stop the style installing correctly):
  • Then click on Download.

  • Click on the ‘Installed’ tab (it may go to this tab automatically).
  • Click on ‘Cranfield University Author-Date, then select Use this Style.
  • Click on Done.

The style is then ready for you to use!

Cranfield University Numeric Style – Cranfield University Aerospace Style

To install the Cranfield Numeric style which is called Cranfield University Aerospace Style simply follow the steps above but copy and paste this URL:


If you have any feedback, comments or questions about Mendeley, please contact MIRC or KNL.

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