Researching a company, industry or country? Have you looked at MarketLine yet? Whether you need company profiles, industry reports or country PESTLE analyses, MarketLine can help.

The search function is really simple. Type in what you’re looking for and use the ‘All research’  dropdown menu to select your category – Companies, Countries, or Industries (amongst others) – then click to search. That’s it!

Company Profiles

Documents containing information on company history, key employees, revenue analysis, SWOT analysis and details of key competitors. Available for larger companies worldwide.

Country Reports

Published every 12-18 months, these feature an overview and key facts, in addition to in-depth PESTLE analysis. Graphs can be exported to Word, PDF and Excel.

Industry Profiles

Country-specific reports including market data, segmentation analysis, market outlook, profiles of leading companies and macroeconomic data in addition to a Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

All can be downloaded with ease.

If you have any questions about MarketLine or any of our other resources, feel free to contact MIRC or Kings Norton Library.

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