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Homepage / Grab attention on social media for your green open access paper with #ManuscriptMonday!

Grab attention on social media for your green open access paper with #ManuscriptMonday!


In case you missed it, we launched our #ManuscriptMonday series of tweets on the Cranfield Libraries’ Twitter account on 8th November!

You probably know that many of your research papers are published via the ‘green route’ to open access. This means that we upload them to CERES and then place them under a publisher-imposed embargo. This is usually 12 months, but it can be longer or shorter depending upon the journal title. Every week our Open Access Team releases author accepted manuscripts whose embargoes have ended. This means they become free to read by anybody who is interested, regardless of who and where they are.

The idea behind #ManuscriptMonday is to encourage interest in your papers using Twitter. This in turn will raise your profile as a researcher and expert in your field, as well as that of your Cranfield department or centre. We want to see retweets and likes, and, of course, downloads of your paper from CERES or the publisher’s site.

Each Monday we tweet the link to a paper on CERES using the hashtag #ManuscriptMonday. We’ll include the paper title, and tag your Twitter account if you have one, as well as other suitable Cranfield Twitter accounts, and the funder where appropriate. Space permitting (we only have 280 characters to play with!) we can provide a summary of the impact, major findings, or contribution to knowledge, and use appropriate emojis plus an image taken from the paper itself.

Initially we will pick papers coming out of embargo to tweet ourselves, ensuring that all Themes are equally represented. If you would like us to consider your paper, please let us know your Twitter handle if you have one, give us a short summary of the impact, major findings and/ or contribution to knowledge, and lastly any other handles or hashtags to tag. We will tweet about it from our Twitter account when the paper comes out of embargo. Some green open access papers do not have an embargo (e.g. IEEE and AIAA papers), so we can tweet about these as soon as we have uploaded manuscript to CERES.

Lastly, if you’re on Twitter and you don’t already follow the libraries, please give us a follow! Our handle is @cranfieldlib. Please play your part by joining in the fun and retweeting and liking our #ManuscriptMonday tweets!

Photo by Fabio on Unsplash

Emma Turner

Written By: Emma Turner

Emma is a Research Information Specialist based in the Kings Norton Library.

Emma is a Research Information Specialist based in the Kings Norton Library at Cranfield University.

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