infographic showing stats on online mentions of figshare items

We now have 299 items on CORD and we’ve only been using it for two years so are in relatively early days of data sharing. Does the number surprise you? Well, sharing research data rather than just publications is increasingly popular, as people want to access and reuse data, not just papers – it’s often the supporting evidence that can be built on to innovate further. In the last week, for example, CORD had 400 downloads! (See our earlier post on citation information on CORD for ways to get stats on your own individual items.)

CORD uses the platform, which is one of the most popular platforms for publishing data. This new infographic from Altmetric (which provides some of the usage stats within figshare) demonstrates just how much impact data sharing has. figshare now hosts over a million items, totalling 23 million downloads, and Altmetric has tracked over 87,000 mentions of figshare items!

If you don’t see an Altmetric ‘donut’ on your item/s on CORD, get sharing! If you communicate and promote your via Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc, you’ll see how Altmetrics works in action. (Not sure how to use social media to promote your work? The Doctoral Researcher training programme includes a session on it, sign up via our internal DATES system.)

A new feature in Altmetric is the provision of patent citations, too: covering nine jurisdictions, it will show you if/when patents have cited your item.

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