We have organised trial access to Mergent Online until 30 June.

Mergent Online offers detailed financial and business information for public and private companies within a simple, searchable platform. Mergent also offers access to broker research and analyst reports from Investext.

The Mergent products available in the trial are;

US Active Data

US Inactive Data

International Active Data

International Inactive Data

Expanded Long Term Debt

US Earnings Estimates

International Earnings Estimates

Executive Biographies Basic

Executive Biographies Plus

Institutional Holdings

Insider Holdings

D&B Private Company Data

As Reported All Years

Standardized All Years

Transparency All Years

US Equity Pricing

International Equity Pricing

Unadjusted Pricing

SEC Filings

SEDAR Filings



North American Annual Reports

International Annual  Reports

Industry Reports (NA)

Industry Reports (AP)

Industry Reports (EU)

Industry Reports (LA)

Equity Reports

Mergent Reports

Report Builder

Risk Analysis

Net Basis

Bond Search

Ratio All Years

Restated All Years

Custom Report

Report Wizard

Comparison Report

Equity Reports Integrated Search

Factsheets Plus

Factsheets International

Factsheets Express

Equity Portraits

Bond Portraits

Country Reports

RiskLine Reports

D&B 34 Million Plus Private Company Database

D&B 34 Million Plus Corporate Family Tree

Investext – Full

Access Mergent Online now

For those interested in broker research and analyst reports from Investext,  access details are below.

  1. The best option is via the turquoise INVESTEXT tab (top right typically) of the front page. This allows for multi-layered searches (contributor name, date range, text search etc.)
  2. Alternatively, within a specific company report, press the turquoise REPORTS tab and the select the sub-option of BROKER RESEARCH REPORTS

If you have any questions about Mergent, contact us at mirc@cranfield.ac.uk

Tell us what you think! 

It’s important that you let us know what you think of the trial when you have used it. Your feedback will help inform our decisions about whether to subscribe to the resource. Please email us with your opinions or questions: libraryresources@cranfield.ac.uk 

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