If you need or want to share your research data, you are likely to deposit it on a system such as CORD; when you do so, you fill out a form with extra information about that dataset. This is what’s known as metadata – structured descriptive information about the dataset. Why is it important? Because it helps your dataset stand out, makes your data more discoverable and thus reusable (for better citations/usage stats), and of course supports your compliance with what funders require.

figshare (the company behind the CORD repository) have produced a handy pdf guide on how to make the most of your metadata. It’s well worth a quick read, as it covers tips such as:

  • Using a descriptive but attention-grabbing title for best effectiveness;
  • Using keywords to aid discoverability by getting a bit more detailed on the subject of the research;
  • Adding links to external sources that will aid reuse of your dataset.

Check out other figshare guides to help you use CORD or, if you’re just getting started, contact our Research Data Manager, Georgina Parsons, for a quick demo and discussion of how CORD can help you.

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