We have two reasons to celebrate today. Firstly, we recently uploaded the 500th record to Cranfield’s Online Research Data Repository, CORD, and secondly, the system officially launched on 23 May 2016 so it’s CORD’s fourth birthday!

CORD contains the underlying research data used to support our publications, from spreadsheets to multimedia to code. It also holds other valuable non-peer-reviewed outputs such as white papers and video presentations of research. Most data is available open access, to maximise the visibility of Cranfield’s research and to benefit the wider society, but in some cases restrictions are applied (where there are ethical, legal, or commercial sensitivities).

Top three statistics:

  • 504 items have been added
  • They have had a total of 593,937 views.
  • They have been downloaded 278,002 times.

Top three accessed items:

Top three views of CORD:

  • Datasets – it contains 318 datasets, mostly underpinning published papers.
  • Posters – 95 posters have been published; CORD is great for sharing this type of file!
  • Presentations – 53 presentations have been uploaded.

Why not navigate to CORD now and discover four ways of using CORD you may not know about to support your research?

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

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