Hey there dear blog reader!

I’m Susie, from Hungary. Actually we write and say Zsuzsi (Try that at home, seriously. Yes, you are right the Hungarian language is crazy).

So, why am I on the MIRC blog? Well, I got the chance to visit Cranfield University during the springtime and the lovely ladies at MIRC asked me to write this little thing to tell you about the differences between Cranfield and my library. Yes, I am a librarian too (with a weird name).

Our library is a bit bigger than the one here at Cranfield. Well, not that much, really.  We have around 20,000 students and 122 library staff. Okay, it’s much bigger, you are right. Because of the size of the institution, my job is a little bit more the traditional type of librarian. As you know, here at MIRC and at the Kings Norton Library you can find an Information Specialist who can help you with specific information about your course, your assignments, etc. At my library unfortunately, we can not provide that, simply because there are more students, so each and every library supports a whole faculty,  which means roughly 15 departments and hundreds and hundreds of courses. So we try to help everyone, which is sometimes hard. Usually in the morning I am an expert in engineering and biochemistry, and in the afternoons I might go with sustainable development, architecture and communication. Easy.

What else? I work closely with our marketing team (to convince students that library is a good place to come, you know the usual thing). I am a member of the new media team too. Also we have lots of projects, for example I am the editor of the library’s wiki. We also have a system similar to your CRIS, but it is a nationwide one. One of the library’s jobs is to make sure that our researchers’ publication information is in that system.

What are things you should know about our library? It has a beautiful building, which was built in 1909. Our Main Reading Room is one of my favourite places.  It is very Harry Potter-esque. Seriously. Look at it. We hold more than 2 million documents at the moment: books, journals, doctoral theses, etc. Also we have quite a lot of e-journals to help our students. I can say that if you are thinking about a traditional library, we are definitely that library…

Zsuzsi 🙂

National Technical Information Centre and Library
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

To find out more about Zsuzsi’s library, check out their webpages here.

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