There seems to be an app for everything these days and Google Scholar is no exception.  For those wishing to find, store, read and use their references on the go, GoScholar may be just what you are looking for!

Available from the iTunes store, GoScholar is designed for both iPhone and iPad.  It allows you to search and download articles from Google Scholar (and if available via EZproxy, a number of other journal services including: IEEE, Ebsco, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, Springer – not yet available at Cranfield).   You can search for articles by keyword, date or file type, or a combination of these, and sort the results by relevance or by date.

img_0491If the PDF is available you can download the full text and if not then you can save the link.  Once the PDF is downloaded you can read it anytime, any place any where you choose. You can copy articles to Dropbox, Mendeley, iBooks, and a number of other services ensuring that your libraries are kept up to date or mail them to yourself.  If you have a moment of inspiration and need to write something down – use the note section and then mail it to yourself so you don’t forget.img_0490



You can even set up Google Scholar alerts so that you don’t miss any new articles.

Interested in how frequently articles are cited? – GoScholar includes the Google Scholar figures for each item.  And if you find yourself needing to check Case Law – well that’s available too!

Any drawbacks? The search option could perhaps do with some improvement.  When you select the magnifying glass to search, the keyboard appears but you can’t see what you are keying in, so you aren’t sure if you are typing correctly.  Also there is a red Reset button cunningly concealed below the options menu on the left hand side which you need to select to clear previous searches.  If in doubt as to why no items are being retrieved, try that!

But on balance this is a really useful app for those wishing to read and research on the go.

If you have any questions about GoScholar or comments about the post please contact MIRC.

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