Before you start, you may want to review other theses in your subject area. Not only will they help you to gain an idea of the structure, style, and format used, they can also give you an overview on what has been written previously on your topic of interest.

Drop-in to MIRC or Kings Norton Library for some background reading

We have a number of books in Cranfield’s libraries which offer guidance on writing your thesis or dissertation.

  • Use Library Search to find relevant books, or check the shelves at 8.081 for books on thesis writing. Books on business research can be found at 65.001 and research methods at 3.001.

SOM students, use the MIRC thesis support page

The MIRC website provides resources on finding research information, journal rankings, and guides to writing your thesis.

  • Check out the MIRC thesis support page for useful links and resources to help you prepare for your thesis all in one place.

Keep a record of all the articles you read and use

Don’t forget that your references are an essential part of your thesis. Remember to note down the details of all the sources you have used and make sure you know how to correctly cite and reference.

  • Go to the Referencing Support page for links to our referencing guides in the Harvard Cranfield style, and tools to help you store and manage your references.

Check out related blog posts

Lastly don’t forget to explore MIRC’s  posts on the Information Services blog for help with your literature search.

As always if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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