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Homepage / New library resources! Free trials and access

New library resources! Free trials and access


We have arranged access to several free trials of new business and management, and engineering and technology resources, which have been gathered together in this post.

If you have any queries about accessing or using the resources, please email

All of the databases can be found in our ‘Databases A-Z’ on the website or via the links in this post.

Mergent Online – until 30 June

Mergent Online offers detailed financial and business information for public and private companies within a simple, searchable platform. Mergent also offers access to broker research and analyst reports from Investext. Find out more

Mergent also offers access to broker research and analyst reports from Investext.  Access details are below.

  1. The best option is via the turquoise INVESTEXT tab (top right typically) of the front page. This allows for multi-layered searches (contributor name, date range, text search etc.)
  2. Alternatively, within a specific company report, press the turquoise REPORTS tab and the select the sub-option of BROKER RESEARCH REPORTS

Access Mergent Online

Log in with your Cranfield email and password.

Perlego – until 19 May

Perlego is an e-book platform covering:

  • Business and Management
  • Economics
  • IT and Computing Science
  • Science
  • Technology and Engineering

For access, you will need to contact our resources team for the unique access code to set up your account before you log in to Perlego.

CRSP/WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) – until 15 September

During this trial you will have access to:

  • CRSP (your current subscriptions): 
  • CRSP Stock Annual
  • CRSP Indexes Annual, and 
  • the following datasets in trial mode: Compustat, BvD, BoardEx, Refinitiv, OptionMetrics, Sustainanalyticsetc.

The WRDS platform contains all you need to get started, including video tutorials and support pages. Please contact MIRC for the trial login details.

For access, you will need to contact MIRC for the trial login details.

Macrobond – until 31 May

Find financial data from different sources across a large range of regions or topics. Search quickly across about 2000 global sources, with near real time updates.

For access, please contact our supplier with your name and Cranfield University email address. You will be required to download Macrobond onto your device.

American Society of Civil Engineers – until 30 June

ASCE is a non-profit organization established in 1852, and produces highly regarded journals, standards, eBooks and conference proceedings in civil engineering.  

The ASCE Library covers water and water resources, structural engineering, construction engineering, environmental engineering, disasters, geotechnics, and more!

Access American Society of Civil Engineers

In addition, you now have free access to: – free access until 31 July

Bloomberg Media has made its content freely available to students. This includes news coverage, analysis of business and finance sectors, climate change, technology, politics and more.

How to access: Sign up using your University email at the Bloomberg site

For a list of other free resources to support your studies, click here.

Remember!: If you have any queries about accessing or using the resources, please email


Feature image from Pixabay

Written by: Angela Sparks

Written By: Tom Jaycocks

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