Fitch Connect is the new flagship service from Fitch Solutions which brings together Fitch ratings, research and extensive coverage of bank fundamental data into a single platform to enable analysis.

Coverage includes financial data on over:

  • 30,000 banks,
  • 11,000 insurance firms
  • 2000 corporates
  • 110 sovereigns

…in over 150 countries – with coverage of frontier and emerging markets.

Access to the data is via the easy to use Fitch Connect desktop, and for more in-depth research there is an Excel Add-in.

Users can search for individual banks or other entities by name, CUSIP or ISIN in order to retrieve full details of the fundamentals, ratings etc of a specific organisation. For example a search for Barclays will retrieve all the banks with Barclays in their name but will highlight the ultimate parent company, which will appear at the top of the list.

All financial data is presented in a uniform format for time-saving comparison across borders, accounting standards, and peers.

As well as searching for individual entities you can use the Screener option to create and save portfolios of companies using a whole range of different search criteria.  These portfolios can then be used to extract data as required. The example below shows the results of a search for Life Insurers, in Germany, who have consolidated accounts.

Fitch Connect also has a league table of the top 100 global banks by total assets.

All data from FitchConnect can be downloaded into Excel format.

Currently access to Fitch Connect is by username and password.

If you would like to request a username and password or have any questions about the service please contact MIRC.

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