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Homepage / Sourcing ESG data in Eikon

Sourcing ESG data in Eikon


Like Bloomberg, Eikon is a really good place to look for ESG data. The term ESG covers the environmental, social and governance data filed by companies.

Eikon provides access to 450+ standardized ESG data points and 70+ analytics for 10,000+ companies globally. Data goes as far back as 2002. More information can be found in Eikon’s ESG Scores factsheet. This detailed ESG report is available from within a company’s Overview page.

Accessing Eikon

Eikon can be accessed from off-campus via the VMWare Horizon Client. For more details, please see our blog post on accessing Eikon off campus

Sourcing ESG data

Search for a company in the Eikon command bar and, from the Company overview page, click on the ‘ESG’ tab or select ‘Environmental, Social & Governance’ from the drop down menu.

ESG statement view provides the ESG details for the individual company. More information on the Refinitiv ESG Scores methodology can be found here.

ESG Statement view

A comparison with the company’s industry peers can be found by selecting Peer view from the dropdown options. This can be downloaded to Excel or saved as a PDF document.

ESG Peer View

ESG report view provides a good overview of the company’s current ESG performance. Within the report view there is also a peer summary of the company’s closest four peers and the industry with which they are aligned.

ESG Report view

Finally there is ESG chart view which shows ESG scores alongside a pie chart containing a breakdown with the option to have a full chart shown:

ESG Chart view

A detailed explanation of the Refinitiv ESG methodology is available here.

As ever, any questions, please contact MIRC.

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Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tracey Nunn

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  1. James Adams 15/05/2021 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    I would love to see such reporting and comparisons made available as fact sheets for SME’s to review larger businesses and their ESG agendas. ESG needs to not only be at the the corporate elite, but also pushed by grassroot business. If this data was more widely available and benchmarking discussed, I think it would stimulate such discussions.

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