Emerald Insight is launching a new digital platform on 30 June. We need to make you aware of some changes to the existing site which might affect you as we near the launch of the new platform.

Emerald will be migrating all existing profile account details to the new platform. However, it will not be migrating any profile changes made on emeraldinsight.com after Sunday 9 June and you will not receive any alerts after Tuesday 18 June until the functionality is enabled on the new platform.

When the new platform launches, there will be a short time before the new user profile section launches. If you have personalised your account, Emerald will send an email to let you know when this function is enabled.

Favourited content and alerts will be transferred. Alerts include digest and subject alerts, subject area news, table of contents, citation and EarlyCite articles.

Saved search alerts will not be migrated as these are not compatible with the more sophisticated search algorithm implemented on the new platform.

Please contact libraryresources@cranfield.ac.uk if you have any questions about these changes.

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