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Homepage / Getting started with Refinitiv Eikon

Getting started with Refinitiv Eikon


Eikon logo

Eikon is a new platform for Datastream and Thomson One data and is one of the world’s largest and most respected financial databases.

It provides access to both current and historical data across the full range of financial instruments globally – from companies, markets and economic indicators to commodities, foreign exchange and derivatives. It also offers a wide range of reporting and charting tools.

Accessing Eikon

Our Eikon terminals can be accessed from off-campus via the VMWare Horizon client. Follow our instructions here to find out how.

Eikon command bar

Once logged on, you will see the Eikon command bar across the top of your screen. Click on the top right hand corner of the bar to ‘undock’ it and place it wherever you like on your desktop.

The Eikon toolbar

Use the built-in search box to find apps and data – or type in a question and Eikon will try and match what you are looking for.

Help and support

Help can be accessed at any time by clicking on the ‘?’ or using the ‘Help’ app available via the Eikon icon.

Answers capabilities

Searching for data

In the search box, you can search for equities (companies), indexes, bonds, foreign exchange, etc. To look for a company,, simply type the company name into the search box…

Vodafone Group Plc equity

Company names (equity – EQ) show the exchange where the firm is listed and an RIC (Reuters Instrument Code) number to identify it. The RIC is similar Bloomberg’s Ticker function.

The ‘Overview’ page (see below) provides a comprehensive company summary and includes several tabs which provide access to real time and historical data including share prices, financials, news and estimates, etc.

Vodafone Company Overview

Data can be downloaded to Excel. Charts can be dragged and dropped into Word, PowerPoint or other documents or copied to clipboard to be used later.

Company financials

Let’s take a closer look at the Financials tab. Here you can view various figures, including income statements, balance sheets and ratios. Five years of data are displayed as standard. Use the settings wheel icon to change the time period, the type of statement and various other parameters.

Vodafone financials


Charting is easy within Eikon. Enter either via the Charts app or from the ‘Price & Charts’ tab within a Company overview. Again, variables such as time period can be changed and other criteria can be altered as required.

Vodafone share price graph from Eikon

Screening in Eikon

Type ‘Screener’ into the search toolbar to open the screener tool.

Screener view

This tool allows you to find companies using a variety of criteria. On-screen instructions lead you through the steps to define your search criteria and also to define your report output. Both the screen and report can be saved for later use. Alternatively, predefined screens and report outputs can be used. Below is one created on UK utility companies (public and private). Again, output can be exported to Excel, Word or as a pdf.

UK Utility companies

Want to learn more?

The first time you access Eikon, you may see the ‘Getting Started’ screen which provides links to training, videos and other useful information.

Eikon Getting Started screen

Alternatively, access the Training app via the ‘Help’ function.


Training videos cover a range of areas from ‘Learning the basics’ to ‘Charts & technical analysis’. These are all available via the Eikon terminal.

Training video menu

Web based access to training

If you are unable to access the Eikon terminals for any reason you can still access the training videos online here. Please be aware however that you will not have access to the full content of Eikon unless you are logged onto a terminal.

If you would like to know more about Eikon or any of our other financial resources, please contact MIRC.

Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tracey Nunn

A Business Librarian since 2006, Tracey leads support for taught MSc courses.

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