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Homepage / Accessing Eikon and Datastream from off-campus

Accessing Eikon and Datastream from off-campus


Eikon logo

Looking to access Refinitiv Eikon (including Datastream) from off-campus? Specialist finance resources like these normally reside on specific PCs in MIRC. However, with MIRC closed at present, they have been moved to sit within the VMWare virtual environment to allow access by off-campus users.

Using the VMWare Horizon Client

If you have not yet used VMWare, you will first need to follow the attached instructions from Cranfield IT to download the VMWare Horizon Client to your device (Please do not use the browser/html version).

Once VMWare is successfully installed, you can login via the icon on your desktop. Each time you login to VMWare, for access to our specialist Finance resources, always select the MIRC client.

Select the MIRC client for Finance resources

Login to Windows with your University username and password, just as you would on any University device. If you are not a SOM student or member of staff, please contact us to arrange access to the MIRC client.

Accessing Eikon on the remote desktop

On opening the MIRC client, the Windows desktop should be displayed. Double click on the Eikon icon or use the Windows Start menu to launch.

Access Eikon via the desktop shortcut

The application should automatically log in. If it does not, restart the PC and try again.

Eikon command bar

Once Eikon has loaded, you should see a command bar across the top of your screen. This can be undocked by clicking on the top right hand corner so you can place the command bar wherever you like on the desktop.

Using the Excel add-on

If you wish to use Eikon via its Excel add-on, you will need to launch this option separately via the Windows Start menu. (Please be aware that Eikon may be listed as either Refinitiv Eikon or Thomson Reuters Eikon – depending on the device in use. There is no difference in functionality).

Finding the Excel add-in in the Windows Start menu

This will launch Microsoft Excel for you. To enable Eikon functionality, browse to the Refinitiv (or Thomson Reuters) tab in Excel and click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

Sign in to use Eikon’s Excel add-in

Once you have successfully signed in, the full Eikon toolbar should appear on your Excel ribbon.

Eikon add-in options

Accessing Datastream data

Datastream users – Datastream is available within the Eikon Excel add-on. To activate the Datastream add-on and make the Datastream tab visible on your Excel interface, you need to do the following:

Click on the ‘Add-ons’ button to view the add-ons available for use.

Add-ons within Refinitiv Eikon

Next, please close Excel down and re-open. The ‘Refinitiv Eikon Datastream’ tab should now appear on your Excel ribbon. Access Datastream data via this tab. Remember to ‘Sign In’ again each time you launch the Refinitiv Excel add-on.

Datastream functionality within Eikon

For further information about Refinitiv Eikon – or any of our financial resources – please contact MIRC.

Written by: Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tom Jaycocks

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