Eikon is the name given to the new platform for Datastream and Thomson One data and is one of the world’s largest and most respected financial databases.

It provides access to historical data across the full range of financial instruments globally – from companies, markets and economic indicators to commodities and derivatives. It also offers a wide range of reporting and charting tools.

Access is provided at Cranfield via 8 terminals within SOM (4 located in MIRC and 4 in the Computer Studio, B111). PCs should be clearly labelled with the orange Eikon logo.

Logging into Eikon:

Eikon logo

Log on to an Eikon PC and click on the Eikon icon to log in. No need for a password – the software should log you in automatically.

You will see an Eikon toolbar across the top of the screen. This can be undocked by clicking on the top right hand corner so you can place the bar wherever you like on the desktop. Use the search box in the toolbar to find apps, data and answers to your questions.

The Eikon toolbar

Enabling the Excel Add-In:

Data downloads require the installation of an Excel add-in. You will need to login separately to use the add-in. To do this, select ‘Thomson Reuters Eikon – Microsoft Excel’ from the PC Start Menu.

Now open Excel. From the Thomson Reuters tab, click on the ‘Sign in’ button to automatically sign into the add-in. (Do this each time you sign in).

The first time you use the Excel add-in you will need to select the ‘Add-Ons’ button (beneath ‘Sign in’ – this becomes visible once you have signed in) to select and enable the functions that you might want to use to add them into your Eikon profile.

Select and enable your add-ons

In most cases this will be Datastream and Datastream Charting. This allows you to access the full Datastream dataset via the new Eikon platform. Click on the appropriate app buttons and then restart Excel to enable.

Once you have done this you should see both ‘Thomson Reuters’ and ‘Thomson Reuters Datastream’ on the Excel add-in tabs.

Want to know more?

Select the Training app to learn more about Eikon. Training videos cover a range of areas from ‘Learning the basics’ to ‘Charts & technical analysis’. These are all available via the Eikon terminal.

Training video menu

You can also access the training videos online here. Please be aware however that you will not have access to the full content of Eikon unless you are logged onto a terminal.

The instructions included in this post refer to the standard Eikon terminal. If you require access to Eikon during the COVID-19 closure period, please contact MIRC.

Likewise, if you have any questions about any of our financial resources, please contact MIRC.

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