Does CORD track downloads, views, and citations? Can items on CORD be embargoed? Can a user change the publication date for an item? Does CORD allow ‘metadata only’ items? Can you upload files through an FTP client? Is there a way to share data/items privately with a journal editor or reviewer? Can data on CORD be used for real-time data visualization?

All of these and other research data questions will be discussed in our webinar in which we’ll aim to update you on the latest features available in CORD. It’s scheduled for 15 June at 1pm via Teams.

We’ll also cover how to sync your ORCiD with your CORD account, restricted publishing, and how you can use Projects to collaborate with other researchers from any institution.

We strive to ensure that your research data and publications reach the widest possible audience, as well as meeting funder and REF requirements.

The session will be presented by Greg Simpson, our Research Data Manager.

Book your place via DATES

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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