We’re trying to improve metadata quality on CORD so that your research becomes more Findable (in line with the FAIR principles) and in theory, has more impact!

One of the main problems is that authors don’t give their items descriptive titles, so they aren’t picked up in searches.

We recommend you choose a title that is either the same as the paper or article it supports, or another title that explains the content descriptively.

Example of a good title:Data underpinning research article “Whole system valuation of arable, agroforestry and tree-only systems at three case study sites in Europe”

Example of a bad (unfindable) title: ‘Dataset.xlsx’ or ‘Surname et al’

Note: the fact it is a dataset doesn’t have to be mentioned in the Title field as there is a Description field where you can specify that.

How to change the titles of items already in CORD

We ask that anyone with items on CORD reviews and, if necessary, edits the titles to improve their findability. You can edit your title and any other metadata to make it more descriptive; the DOI will remain the same.

To edit a public item:

  • Head to the ‘My data‘ area in CORD:
  • Hover over the item you want to change
  • Click on the edit pen on the right to bring up the metadata form
  • Make the changes to your metadata
  • Scroll down and tick publish changes
  • Then click save changes

This will trigger a new version but the DOI will remain the same and all previous links will continue to resolve to the item.

More detailed instructions on how to edit metadata can be found here: https://knowledge.figshare.com/articles/item/how-to-edit-or-delete-my-data

Photo by Piotr Kononow on Dataedo

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