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Homepage / CORD is turning six!

CORD is turning six!


We officially launched Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD) on 24 May 2016, so it’s CORD’s 6th birthday today!

CORD has passed several significant milestones over the last six years, with 350 depositors adding 1,360 total deposits.

One of the recent updates to the platform is the opportunity to make Categories an optional field should you choose. Categories was previously mandatory but this change is aimed at supporting migrations of content to CORD and the ever-increasing variety of content which is not created on the platform first, and may not have a category, but still needs to be captured and published.

In addition to that, a new text editor incorporates numerous features such as undo/redo, paste without formatting, expand area, show remaining characters etc.; allowing easier formatting in the Description field.

CORD’s value is not limited to sharing and preserving your research data, but can also be used in several different ways you may not be aware of:

  • as a platform for group projects involving multiple institutions (Private collaboration)
  • to display the outputs from a particular project or to enable assessment
  • as an archive for research on internal servers that would benefit from being made publicly available
  • or for conference materials.

Find out how to use CORD in these ways by reading our blog post, Four ways of using CORD you may not know about.

Top three statistics:

  • 1,360 items have been added to CORD.
  • CORD items have had a total of 1,369,236 views.
  • CORD items have had a total of 655,619 downloads.

Top five downloaded items over the last 12 months:

More usage statistics are available if you are interested in finding out how CORD data sets are being used.

Please send any questions about CORD to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Written By: Greg Simpson

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