Our researchers do fantastic work and we love to shout about it… and so do our partners! We power CORD, Cranfield University’s repository of research data, using a system called figshare for institutions. figshare have been a great company to partner with and it’s evident that they’ve been as impressed with our researchers as we have been with them.

figshare have been creating some case studies on researchers who use their system, to highlight real life examples of how it benefits researchers, or to find out what tips and tricks they can share. (A system is no use if it doesn’t add value to the work of its user, after all!) One of the latest case studies to be released features our very own Dr Matthew Partridge and discusses Building on shared research and sharing the data underlying a PhD.

Have a read to see how figshare/CORD could also benefit you – and of course get in touch if you’d like to learn more about CORD at Cranfield, on researchdata@cranfield.ac.uk or see our CORD intranet page.

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