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Homepage / Adding a class code to your Bloomberg account

Adding a class code to your Bloomberg account


Did you know that you can add a Bloomberg class code to your Bloomberg account after you create it? So, if you have previously registered yourself on the Bloomberg for Education site either for Bloomberg Market Concepts or for terminal access without a code, you can easily add it into your account at a later date.

Many SoM students should have received an email from their Information Specialist giving them a class code for their specific cohort. This makes our lives much easier in MIRC – and, more importantly, reduces delays – when you request online terminal access.

Read on for how to add yourself to your class in two easy steps…

  1. Find the Bloomberg Market Concepts email sent to you by your Information Specialist in the MIRC team. It contains a code specific to your cohort. If you no longer have it, or your course hasn’t received an email, email MIRC and we can send it to you.
  2. Login to the Bloomberg for Education website. On the BMC tab you should see a button to ‘Add Class’. Click on it and paste in the class code you have received. Click ‘Apply’ to save your settings.
Click here to add in your class code
Yes, it really is that simple!

Having a class code means that MIRC staff can easily check that you have completed the ‘Terminal Basics’ module required for us to switch on your online terminal access.

Find out more about BMC and online Bloomberg access on our blog. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Karen Stokes

Written By: Cranfield University

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