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Homepage / Introducing the Barrington Library Reports Section

Introducing the Barrington Library Reports Section


Classified reports

The Reports Section at Barrington Library, on our Shrivenham site, is a unique collection that includes:

  • Shrivenham course theses
  • 40,000 research and technical reports from MoD, DSTL, Qinetiq, and defence industry
  • Access to national and international defence libraries and research agencies
  • Classified journals and conference proceedings
  • Training and doctrine publications
  • Cranfield research staff papers
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – we can request searches of their collection on your behalf
  • Staff expertise and experience in finding and obtaining reports from a wide variety of sources.

Access the Reports Section catalogue

The Reports Section catalogue is only available from our Shrivenham site for security reasons. Please check our opening times before you visit.

If you are off-site or unable to visit, contact Barrington Library and we’ll be happy to conduct a search for you.  

Off-site customers are also welcome to search the Shrivenham Repository which contains unclassified full-text dissertations and research output from Cranfield Defence and Security.

Borrowing and security clearance

Access to content will depend on your security clearance.

  • Students – clearance is related to the particular course, not to the security vetting of the individual student
  • Staff – clearance is on an individual basis

Lower classification reports may be borrowed for six weeks. Higher classification reports may only be consulted in the Library Reports Section or, in some cases, sent to an appropriate course/departmental safe.

Questions or comments

For more information and research queries, please contact Barrington Library.


Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay 

Lauren Vizor

Written By: Cranfield University

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