Winchester? I know what you’re thinking: does she mean Manchester? I too had never heard about the city Winchester before my friend from the Logistics and Supply Chain MSc course took me there. Winchester is two hours away from Cranfield University by car, and it was once the ancient capital city of England!

Winchester is packed with historic buildings, monuments and museum – all within a short walking distance of each other and just waiting to be explored. Especially, Winchester Cathedral is amazing!

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There was a Christmas market in Winchester Cathedral. My friend told me the Christmas market is now recognised as one of the best in Europe with its unique location and high quality exhibitors. Since I have never been to a Christmas market in the UK before, I cannot say whether that is best or not – but I really loved it!!!

Ok – here is my tips for international students who never been to a Christmas market in the UK…

  1. Get your mulled wine
  2. Queue up to get German sausages 

I cannot believe we queued up for 40 minutess to get our sausages. We didn’t realise that until we checked our phones! But it was worth it! While we were in the line, we had lots of conversation about British culture, Croatian war in 1991…etc..  as my coursemate is British and Croatian.

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I was quite interested in Croatian war. I am so bad with world history!! I got the lowest mark with the subject when I was a high school student! I wasn’t interested in world history back then at all! However, I have started getting interested in world history because of all the different nationalities of people on my course. Our university definitely offers a culturally diverse environment! YEAH!

It was nice going out after having a hectic week of school work! After visiting the Christmas market, we headed to my friend’s family’s house which is located in Reading! I will post about that separately – I’m excited to share my experience of Croatian food with you guys, I’m sure I met the best Croatian chef in Reading! I couldn’t stop eating at all!

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