After a 25 hour plane journey, we finally got to Bangkok!! We passed Passport Control really quickly, fortunately the queue was small.

After getting the bags, used Prof. Benni’s advice of the tunnel that connected the airport with the Novotel Hotel. It was really nice because it was air conditioned so until that moment I hadn’t felt the Bangkok climate. When we got to the hotel, we had to cross a small street to get to the lobby. Just when going through the door, my glasses fogged, and immediately I knew the climate was going to be humid and hot!

In my case, Costa Rica has normally very similar temperatures during the day, but not the humidity levels we have here. Anyway, I managed to drop my bags at this very nice hotel and went immediately with some friends to do a small city tour. We got the metro to the city centre and went for a walk. The climate was very hot, even more so than I was expecting. We had to stop at a 7 eleven to buy some water on our way to the shopping centre. After some hours and having lunch, we were finally on our way home.

My first impressions of the city are really good, I liked the city centre a lot, for now looking forward for knowing better the city and for the tuk tuk trip around the city!!

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