After a swift 12 hour flight from London Heathrow we landed promptly in Bangkok airport. Quick transition and straight in the hotel. First things first – humidity. Not totally unexpected obviously but still knocked you back!

The quick transition to the hotel was great. All quiet underground well presented walkways have a modern impression. After a quick wash down and unpack a few of us were straight out and in the shopping mall in search of some bargains.

Quick lessons learned: the zebra crossings only work when you walk on them, everyone is super respectful and the pavements don’t seem to be made for people… telegraph poles and random lumps of concrete seem to take pride of place instead. Still on the plus side dear old Tour Guide Harry managed to cool off when a car found the only puddle in a 5 mile radius to soak him knee down on his new trousers!

20,000 steps, 6 trains and over 10 miles walking later we found a decent restaurant, good bar and found ourselves fully enjoying what Thailand had to offer. We hit a high of 35 today… tomorrow has been touted as high as 41….

“Good Shot Sir”


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