It’s that time of year, when we’re collating our user feedback for the FT MBAs. Here’s what the 2015/16 cohort had to say about MIRC’s services…

Enquiry services:

Staff availability and expertise:

It was good to know that someone was available to help most – if not all – of the time you needed us. It was even better to hear that you found staff were always approachable and willing to help. Best of all for us was to hear that not only were we willing, we were also always able to help!

  • Thank you! We do our best.

How you got in touch: 

65% of you came into MIRC to speak to us about your enquiries. The remaining 35% got in touch by telephone and email.

  • We are happy for you to contact us in whatever way you prefer. If you are emailing us, the best option is to use our MIRC email address, which is monitored at all times when we are open.

Average score for our enquiry services: 4.6/5.

Our books and eBooks:

You scored us 4/5 on average for our book stock (print and electronic) – across both range of titles and availability. One of you commented on the limited availability of eBooks for core modules.

  • As in most academic libraries these days, although we aim to have comprehensive print collections, eBooks are a priority for purchase and will be bought in preference to print copies. Unfortunately however, not every text is available yet as an eBook.
  • We appreciate that there will always be times in any library, no matter how big or how small, when the item you need is in use. It was great however to know that although some of you did occasionally have to wait for a book, that most of the time, the print books you needed were available for you.
  • It was interesting to note that more than 50% of respondents stated that they either do not like eBooks or would only use one in a situation where a paper copy was not available. At the same time, a whopping 40% of you said you preferred electronic to paper! Definitely a cohort divided!

Electronic Business Resources:

95% of you rated our electronic business resources as either good or very good, with 82% of you rating access either easy or very easy.

  • Quality is important to us. Electronic resources are a huge investment and so we put an immense amount of time into any purchase decision.
  • Access issues are something we must always be aware of with an ever-increasing variety of devices and browsers. We are doing what we can to make our electronic resources as easy as possible to access from both on- and off-campus.

MIRC Webpages:

95% of you rated our webpages as good or very good and 87% felt that they were easy to use.

  • This is good to be know. When we next start reviewing our webpages, which will be fairly soon, we will be looking at comments made by users about the current pages and considering any recommendations made. Thank you.

MIRC Training:

100% of the MBAs who responded to our survey had attended some of our optional training sessions.  We asked them to rate the sessions. Bloomberg came out as the top scorer here with an average score of 9/10 with our Global Macroeconomics WAC session next in line with 8.5/10.

The only suggestion made for additional training was a follow-on Bloomberg session.

Your comments:

  • “You are particularly good at supporting ad hoc activities we have like VCIC, Hidden Needs module”
  • “Excellent support throughout the year”
  • “Thanks for all your helpfulness”
  • “Good job! You always provide full support to any query!”
  • “Thanks for all your valuable support”
  • “Staff extremely helpful on every occasion which has made the difference between a good service and excellent service”.

Overall rating:

Finally, we asked you to give us a rating for services overall. You scored us 4.73/5.

  • Thank you! It’s lovely to see you appreciate what we do!

Thanks to everyone from FT MBA 15/16 who responded to our survey.

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