It’s that time of year again, where we’re collating our user feedback for the Exec MBAs. Here’s what the 2015/16 cohort had to say about MIRC’s services…


  • We excelled at answering your questions, providing training and access to information – all with an average score of 4.7/5.
  • We let you down – although fortunately not by much – on space to work, PCs and printing facilities – with an average score here of 4.5/5.

Our strengths lie in:

Our helpful staff, frequent training – as and when required – and our efficient response to enquiries.

  • Thank you! We do our best. Our aim is to ’empower’ you to find the information you need. We do that through small group and one-to-one trainings, our enquiry service and our blog posts.

We could have done better in:

Having more information available online and more titles available as eBooks.

  • We sympathise fully here, especially from an off-campus user’s point of view. Not all of our core texts are available as eBooks – but we do purchase any titles that are available electronically. We have been working with your course administrators to provide eBook links on your reading lists and access to the articles you require as seamlessly as possible via your Blackboards. Bear in mind too that for those of you based in the UK, we can post items out to you and that we are happy to scan chapters and articles, where permitted, to send out to people working off-site.

Providing access to an abstracts service – allowing users to find out more about a book before borrowing or purchasing it.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Although our Library Search (catalogue) should display some limited information, e.g. the contents, about titles we have in stock, we have nothing at this level. We will investigate the options and costs involved in acquiring such a service.

Providing a quieter working environment and more space.

  • This one will never come as a surprise! We know that MIRC is small (but we hope, perfectly formed!) and we have to work within the confines of our area.
  • We have tried our best to split MIRC into zones – for both quiet and silent study – but this requires the co-operation of our users.  We ask that users use other areas of the building for group discussions and the School provides numerous syndicate rooms for that purpose.
  • We have recently put up new signage to reinforce the message and are more actively speaking to users who are causing a disturbance. We would ask that you speak to a member of the MIRC team if other users are being too loud. We will be discreet!

Some final comments from our Execs:

  • “Timely pushed support even when we didn’t know we needed it and just the right amount of training to help us help ourselves. Thank you.”
  • “Extremely helpful even when we are off-campus”.
  • “The people are absolutely amazing! They cannot do enough to support students”.
  • “Prompt and immediate response to any and all queries!”
  • “The staff within the MIRC are awesome. They are helpful, knowledgeable and approachable.”
  • “Hugely helpful at all times. Very much appreciated!”
  • “MIRC is one of the most valuable offerings of the SOM”.
  • “LOVE the MIRC!!”

Thanks to all the members of Exec MBA 2015/16 who responded to our survey.

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