Twelve of the things that have gone well for the Centre for Business performance in 2013.

  1. Gillian Pratt graduated with her PhD thesis on the interaction between strategy and performance management in the utility sector, Maria Rey passed her PhD viva on Service Performance Contracts and Mark Baker passed his DBA viva, his work looked at the use of Feedforward Anticipatory Control for new product introduction in the fashion industry. This leaves CBP with 14 doctoral students working in the field.
  2. Twelve MSc students have just completed their degrees and are due to hand in their theses before Christmas.
  3. Four paper were published:-
    – Bourne M, Pavlov A, Franco-Santos M, Lucianetti L, Mura M (2013)  Generating organisational performance: The contributing effects of performance measurement and human resource management practices. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 33 (11/12) 1599-1622.
    – Melnyk S, Bititci U, Platts K, Tobias J, Andersen B (2013)  Is performance measurement and management fit for the future?. Management Accounting Research.
    – Raja J, Bourne D, Goffin K, Cakkol M, Martinez V (2013) Achieving Customer Satisfaction through Integrated Products and Services: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30 (6) 1128-1144
    – Tobias JM, Mair J, Barbosa-Leiker C (2013)  Toward a theory of transformative entrepreneuring: Poverty reduction and conflict resolution in Rwanda’s entrepreneurial coffee sector. Journal of Business Venturing, 28 (6) 728-742
  4. The Public Sector Performance Roundtable continues to attract attention with events held at the National Audit Office and the Institute for Government.
  5. The Business Performance Roundtable is still wrestling with cutting edge issues with discussions around the relationship between performance and strategy, risk and performance, managerial resilience and the role of middle management in delivering strategy.
  6. We ran “The High Performing Organisation” event with CCED and show cased some of our work on mindfulness, this is part of Jutta and Andrey’s much wider programme on mindfulness and performance including a praxis course, large scale experiment and new developments drawing together personal and organisational performance.
  7. Mike ran the South East Asia Strategy and Performance Leadership programme in Jakarta with Prof Mark Jenkins and CCED.
  8. Our Strategic Performance Management programme in October had record numbers attending and the Operational Performance Management programme was nearly full.
  9. Monica’s research into the Performance Management of Universities sponsored by the Leadership Foundation in Higher Education was completed and the full report will be issued in January.
  10. We produced eight 60 second videos around the performance theme along with other material for ITunesU.
  11. We ran the PMA symposium in Loch Lomond in October, plus an incredibly successful workshop on the meaning of performance that Andrey and Pietro Micheli ran at the Academy in Orlando, Florida and Mike gave the keynote at the PMA Australasia in Queenstown New Zealand
  12. Jutta had her interview on mindfulness together with her full sized picture in the Sunday Times, and Mike was interviewed by James Naughtie on the Radio 4 Today programme

Mike Bourne, Veronica Martinez, Andrey Pavlov, Jutta Tobias, Monica Franco & Lisa Hall

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