If you’re wondering what other people have been reading in MIRC this year then you might like to see our countdown of the top borrowed books in 2015 so far…

5.   Principles of business economics / by Joseph G. Nellis & David Parker. Described as a concise, jargon-free microeconomics book, this book is a core text for our MBA programme.

4.   Corporate finance and investment : decisions and strategies / by Richard Pike, Bill Neale, & Philip Linsley. At number 4, this book provides students with both essential knowledge of corporate finance and the tools to apply it.

3.   Operations management / by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Jones & Robert JohnstonProbably our most recognisable book on the shelf due to its bright yellow cover.

2.   Research methods for business students / by Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, & Adrian Thornhill. The new 7th edition is also now available in MIRC.

1. …and the top spot this year (drum-roll please!!) goes to Principles of macroeconomics / by Joseph G. Nellis and David Parker, an invaluable reference source on the impact of economics on business.

All 5 books are available for loan from MIRC, and are also accessible as eBooks!

If you have any questions, please contact MIRC.

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