Would access to transcripts of company meetings (AGMs, EGMs, etc.) be useful in your research?  If you are not a shareholder or don’t have inside contacts, this kind of information can be hard to come by. Unless, of course, you’re a Bloomberg user.

Bloomberg holds both details of and recordings for various events in listed companies’ calendars. Our subscriptions to Perfect Filings and Thomson One also provide events information, but not in the same detail.  Read on for more information on all three sources.


Search either using the <DSCO> function for company documents or <EVT> for events.

Using <EVT>, first choose your company and then, in the left-hand menu, limit by ‘Event Type’. AGMs and EGMs are listed – fairly logically – under ‘Shareholder Meetings’. As you can see, access is also available here to various other presentations and documents.

Depending on the company and the event, you may have access to transcripts, audio recordings or webcasts of the meeting.

Perfect Filings

Perfect Filings includes announcements for shareholder meetings.

Search first by company name. Then, on the left-hand-side, choose  ‘Transactions and Company Reports’ > ‘Company Filings and Announcements’ > ‘Meetings’ from the menu structure. Use the ‘Issue Date’ option to select a date range.  Then click the green ‘Search’ button at the bottom of your screen.

For US companies, you will also have access to Form DEF 14A (notification of the meeting and an outline of the agenda of the AGM meetings), and Form 8K (which is the articles of incorporation which highlight the types of meetings held by the company).

UK company filings include notices of AGMs, results of those meetings and any votes that may have taken place, amongst other things.

If you are interested in IPOs,  see our earlier post for further explanation on how to find a share prospectus.

Thomson One

Using the filings search as described in an earlier post, select the company you want to look for and ‘proxy’ as the type of filings to view relevant documents.

If you have any further questions on company documentation and how to find it, please contact MIRC.

Public domain image by Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/conference-room-table-office-768441/, CC0