Mergers and acquisitions are never very far from the news.  But if you need to find out about a transaction in depth, where can you source the details you might not find in the papers?

Thomson One is an ideal starting point for researching M&A, providing access not just to detailed company financials, but also brokers’ reports and deal specifics for M&A deals globally back to the 1970s. For that reason alone, we would recommend Thomson One as your starting point for this kind of research.

Once you have worked your way through the data available in Thomson One, MIRC has a variety of other resources that will also be valuable in your research, including:

  • Background information such as company and industry profiles and reports from sources like MarketLine Advantage and Factiva.
  • Financial data from Fame (UK and Ireland) for private companies (also includes listed companies). Bloomberg and Datastream are also fantastic for company financials – but we would strongly recommend that you have some training before using one of these.
  • Stock market data including share prices and indices are available from both Bloomberg and Datastream. Bloomberg’s charting function is fantastic so please ask if you need help creating any graphs.
  • Brokers and analysts’ reports are essential reading from the point where a deal was rumoured until well after the completion date. What else was happening at that time? Was there interest from other companies? Bloomberg contains some analysts’ reports but for more comprehensive coverage, use Thomson One.
  • The national press will also be a valuable source of information. Check out Factiva for coverage in newspapers worldwide.
  • Both Bloomberg and SDC Platinum also contain deals data. SDC contains the same data as Thomson One but is more suited to large scale ‘number-crunching’.

Have a look here at our short guide to Researching M&A.  If you are researching a transaction and need more detailed advice, come into MIRC and ask for a copy of the Researching Financial Transactions guide.

As ever, any questions, please pop in or contact us here!

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