It is now University policy for you to register and use an ORCID (an Open Researcher and Contributor ID), a personal identifier that uniquely distinguishes you and your work as a researcher.



  • Eliminates name ambiguity – publishers use ORCID identifiers to ensure that you are correctly credited with the work you have produced and that you are not confused with another researcher who has the same name as you.
  • Improves discoverability – using your ORCID identifier enables people searching specifically for your work to find it easily across numerous bibliographic and full-text resources such as Web of Science, Google Scholar and Scopus.
  • Saves time – many major publishers and research funders are increasingly incorporating ORCID into their workflows. For example, journal publishers may request your ORCID during the manuscript submission process and funders for grant applications. Data about you and your publications can then be shared between systems easily, saving you from re-inputting that data. Ultimately, ORCID will help transform the management, re-use, and efficiency of the UK research output by improving the integration of research systems and processes, and enhancing data quality.
  • Stays with you throughout your career – your ORCID is issued to you personally, and is not connected with Cranfield or any other institution that you have been affiliated with. Should you move to a new position, your ORCID goes with you, ensuring that you always have a quick and easy way to identify yourself as a unique author or contributor.

Cranfield is recommending ORCID to all research staff and students because it is an open, community-based solution which is establishing itself as an internationally accepted standard. Community uptake has increased tenfold over the past year and it continues to be adopted by new institutions, funders, and journals on a daily basis. ORCID may prove to be one of the most important advances in scholarly communication in the past ten years.

Registering for an ORCID is free of charge. It also maps to Researcher ID and Scopus ID, if you already have one of those, and so links all three.

Research Councils’ grants system (Je-S)

You can now create or connect your ORCID identifier in the Research Councils’ grants system (Je-S). There is no need to wait until you are applying for a new grant to create or connect your ID. EPSRC is encouraging both current and past award holders to log-in to their Je-S account,  which you can do at any time, and add your ORCID ID to your ‘personal information’ page now. New applicants will also see the option to ‘create or connect your ORCID ID when creating a new Je-S account. For further information on using the ORCID ID in Je-S, please visit the RCUK blog.

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