MIRC’s electronic resources can be accessed from anywhere, whether you are a part-time student, or are simply working from home or away from campus. There are two ways of accessing the MIRC electronic resources from off-campus:

  1. Logging into the University Extranet – This method will not only give you access to your personal and shared drives but it will also allow you to use the MIRC services as if you were on-campus. This is usually the recommended and easiest method for accessing MIRC resources from off-campus as you will not require any further login to access any of the resources.
  2. Logging into resources directlyIf you navigate straight to the MIRC website, you can log on to each electronic resource individually using the off-campus ‘Shibboleth’ login. (Please note that certain services, including Factiva and Thomson One require an Extranet login for access).

For more information, we’ve written a short step-by-step guide on ‘Accessing MIRC Resources from Off-Campus using each of these methods.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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